Here are the services I offer. When you commission me, you always get me, and not an associate or partner. If you need a larger team with skills in other areas, I can bring in trusted and experienced colleagues I have worked with before. I am used to dealing with organisations and budgets of all sizes.

Change Management

  • Organisational change (especially sustaining and embedding change)
  • Transforming services
  • Changing cultures and behaviours

Community engagement and participatory practice

  •  Developing community engagement, participation and consultations
  •  Embedding community participation throughout organisations
  •  Developing community advisory panels
  •  Developing volunteer programmes

Strategic and operational planning

  •  Strategic and business planning
  •  Policy development
  •  Aligning strategy with local, regional and national agendas
  •  Developing advocacy
  •  Developing partnerships
  •  Developing partnerships with higher education institutions

Organisational and personal development

  •  Reviewing management and staff structures 
  •  Team building and workforce development 
  •  Developing and implementing staff performance and review programmes
  •  Critical friend, facilitation, mentoring and coaching